Crickets: The Future of Food? (plus my cricket cookie recipe and review)

There is a great new company in Youngstown, Ohio.

Big Cricket Farms.

The first cricket farm growing exclusively for human consumption.

Located in a former vegetable distribution warehouse, Big Cricket Farms is currently scaling up their production for a commercial debut later this month.

Photo: New York Times

Kevin Bachhuber, Founder of Big Cricket Farms

I contacted BCF about getting some crickets to try making cookies. I’ve heard a lot about cricket protein bars, but have never had a cricket protein baked product.

Visiting the warehouse, I was impressed with the cleanliness and how thorough they were about food handling regulations. (Since the USDA doesn’t currently have rules for cricket farms, BCF hopes to be the example for which they base their best practices rules on.) Kevin gave me the tour while the rest of their team was hard at work building new containers to raise crickets.

They gave me a small vacuumed sealed package of frozen crickets to try out, I promised I would write a blog post and share my recipe.



There isn’t a lot of information online about baking with crickets (which is an opportunity!) Kevin told me the most important thing is that blanch the crickets before I cook them, to make sure they’re sterilized.

I based my cookie recipe on the one cricket recipe I found online.

Alex’s Chocolate Cricket Cookies (Photos below)

  • Blanch crickets in boiling water for 2 minutes
  • Immediately cool in ice water, dry off
  •  Roast crickets in oven at 200F, 1 hour or until crunchy to touch
  • Grind crickets in blender = Cricket Flour
  • Mix in a baking soda, vanilla, chocolate chips, egg, and butter
  • Bake for 10 minutes at 375F

Because I made such a small batch, I didn’t measure anything out. When I get a larger cricket supply, I’ll nail down the measurements

Blanching crickets

Blanching the crickets, two minutes in boiling water

Roasting Crickets

Dry Roasting the Crickets


Cricket Flour

Blending up the crickets into cricket flour

Cricket Flour

Cricket Flour


Cookie Dough

The cookie dough, made in the blender

Cookies in the oven

Putting the cookies in the oven

Cookies Ready!

The finished product, squishy consistency


The first bite

Delicious! I’ll definitely make them again, I need to perfect the recipe.

Overall, I really enjoyed the cookies. I plan on making more once Big Cricket Farms is scaled up for production. So let me know if you want to try some.

In the meantime, two of my classmates started a cricket protein bar company called Exo. Give them some love on Facebook!


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