Hoop House is Finally Done!

After almost a year of the hoops being up with no plastic, I’ve finally pulled the plastic over the top.

Finished hoop house

Finished hoop house

The plan for the hoop house is to build a small rocket mass heater incorporated with an aquaponics system, grow greens in the winter time, start seeds year round, grow warmer climate crops in the summer time.

Being inside the hoop house yesterday, it felt like it was over 110, while it was 70 outside. So there is potential to grow some crops that are more adapted for warmer climates.

In other news, we just got a wood chipper to shred up food waste to speed up the composting process.

Its like a really big juicer…

And its a lot better than this:


I’ve discovered that groundhogs love watermelon…


Two of the horse manure piles, taken while we were putting the end walls on the hoop house.






The manure pile has been really cooking


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