My Roots Are in Youngstown: History Mural Project

My Roots are in Youngstown Logo

I’m excited to announce the start  of the ‘My Roots are in Youngstown” campaign.

Our flagship urban farm on Ridge Avenue (on the corner of Oak Hill) on Youngstown’s lower south side has a large retaining wall on the southern border.

After clearing away trees, It became apparent that it would be perfect for a mural, picnic area, and BBQ pit.


After brainstorming a few mural idea, I came up with the concept of tying together the industrial past with the current agriculture projects taking place.

Instead of painting a generic picture of an old mill, or skyline, I wanted to incorporate the histories of many people. I want to make this mural  a true community project.

The mural will be largely the words “My Roots are in Youngstown” a good agriculture pun, and I hope it becomes a backdrop everyone in town wants to take a picture in front of.

Besides that large text, I hope to have snippets and quotes from lots of other people.

How will I do this?

I want to hear everyone’s memories of Youngstown!

There are so many incredible memories, stories, and people in and from Youngstown. These are stories that may be lost if no one records them.

1. Farm Stand Memory Map

Flannel Farms will be selling produce at a few different Farmer’s Markets in the Youngstown Area. Our market stand will feature a pin board map of Youngstown with paper tags and push pins.

Anyone is welcome to share their favorite memory, or anything else with us, and then pin the tag in to the location on the map. I will catalog all the stories shared with us and the location. These stories will be shared on our website (anonymously if preferred).

2. History Days at the Farm

Flannel Farms has been planning some workdays and BBQ’s to let people know what we’re doing and get people involved with our project.

At the farm, we’ll have a video camera set up if people want to share longer stories on video.

3. South side History Series

I’ve collaborated with local photographer and historian, Sean Posey, who is giving a series of seminars on the history of the South side of Youngstown. Dates to be announced soon!

Check out Sean’s Photography

4. Other ideas

I will probably think of some new ideas for how to crowd source memories and stories of Youngstown. If you’ve got any ideas or recommendations, comment below or email me (alex) flannelfarms

Here’s a summary of the project:

Huge thanks to local graphic designer RJ Mikolaj for designing the awesome logo for this campaign. If anyone needs any design work, I would seriously recommend RJ.

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