Whole 30: My January Challenge

To kick off the New Year with a good start, I’m challenging myself to Whole 30.

What is Whole 30? Its a thirty day elimination diet to improve health and performance. I love challenges, and the last time I tried one, I failed. That was only 9 days. So I want to succeed really badly. A lot of people are doing the same on twitter, so I’m looking forward to using twitter and blogs as a resource to accomplish this goal.

So what is the diet? It is

  • no sugar, or sweeteners
  • no grain
  • no dairy
  • no legumes
  • no carrageenan, MSG or sulfites
  • no white potatoes
  • no alcohol

What does that leave? Meat, oils, vegetables, fruit, and seeds. This should be fun!

A typical day of my diet looks like:

Morning: Coffee with 2 T ghee (I usually mix in grass fed butter, but I’m switching it up to eliminate lactose, and dairy proteins)

Early Afternoon: Avacado

Evening (post workout): 1 pound grass fed ground beef, 10-15 oz spinach and/or broccoli

Its a pretty boring meal plan, but it tastes good and its easy to cook.

Daily Updates

I’ve been eating pretty crappy the past few weeks because of the holidays, so getting back into a good diet with low carb/high fat will be a rough first few days. I’ll keep a daily log here on the Flannel Farms blog and on twitter. Stay tuned for updates and thanks for reading.

If you’re just starting Whole30, post a comment or tweet at me @flannelfarms or @alexlipinsky

2 thoughts on “Whole 30: My January Challenge

  1. Yeah, it is hard the first few days, but I found it got a lot easier as the 30 days went on. There are so many tasty Whole30 recipes out there, and it’s kind of fun to do some experimenting. Some of my favourite every day recipes were discovered on my last Whole30.

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