2013 Lessons Learned

Focus and Attention.

The most important lesson for Flannel Farms learned in 2013 is to be successful you must focus on a task and continue to pay attention. I made a big mistake this summer, which spread me too thin causing a bad crop.

Last summer, our first year growing, was fantastic. Our plants were lush, healthy, and delicious.

2012 GardenFor a first time gardener, I thought “this is so easy!” I was out at the farm watering every day, walking the rows, seeing what was working and what wasn’t.

Harvest BoxThis picture shows an example of one of Flannel Farms’ first harvest boxes. It was a great looking box of veggies, but if you look in the background, you see a weedy, poor looking garden.

Why the worse garden this year? I was too spread thin. I was focusing more of my attention on my new lot in Youngstown. I thought since things grew so well last year, I could put in less work and they’d be okay. Didn’t work that well.

Here’s some pictures of my first Hugelkultur bed in the city, this was watered right when the plants were put in and 3 days after that. Otherwise, it was not watered once.

Hugelkultur early

Hugelkultur sun

Next year, I will focusing all my attention on my lot in the city (where the Hugelkultur is) I’m glad I made this mistake in my second year. From now on, I will have a very tight focus for what I want to do and put all my attention into that.

Overall, 2013 was great. Learned a lot. But here’s to a much more productive 2014!

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