Don’t Cry: How to Perfectly Chop an Onion

Everything laid out to chop. I was making stuffed chicken, a recipe I’m working on for a post soon. But this picture will probably give you a clue for my next post. These onions were from the same bag, but one was a sweet yellow onion and the other a red onion… strange.Image

After doing this, I would actually recommend peeling the skin off after you cut in half. Makes it a lot easier.Image

Cut in half and remove stem endImage


Probably the most  crucial step! Slice the onion, without cutting all the way through, so the bulb end is still held together.


Make three cuts parallel to the cutting board, be sure not to cut all the way through the onion. Leave the bulb end holding it all together.


Chop downward to determine the size of your pieces.


Watch it crumble perfectly.


Add your chopped onion to your dish of choice. Never forget garlic. Or grass fed butter. 


Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!

3 thoughts on “Don’t Cry: How to Perfectly Chop an Onion

  1. Can you believe that up until about six months ago, I always chopped the end of the root off?! I don’t know if it really matters, since I never cut through the total length of the onion when chopping, but I heard it does.. I have such trouble with crying with onions, though! If I wear my contacts, I’m totally in the clear, and I hate to admit that I’ll often put them in specifically to cook if I’m making something onion-heavy. I’ve heard that freezing the onion for a bit helps.. and that holding a piece of bread in your mouth helps too.. I do both of these things AND often wear goggles, as well, and if I’m contact-less, I still cry! AH!

  2. This video is where I learned that the root/little bulb end is where all the sulfenic acid is, he takes out the whole bulb, which I thought as a little wasteful.

    My method was the best way to avoid the tears, but I will try the freezer, maybe it just makes the gas more inert?

    Thanks for the comment! Hopefully these tricks will help people chop onions with less pain!

    • Interesting. Definitely a little wasteful, but I’ll do anything to keep from that searing pain! I’ll have to try that. I think that, yes, the freezer is supposed to make the gas cells more inert, but it never works perfectly for me unless it’s REALLY frozen.

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