Polyfaces Trailer

Trailer from an upcoming film about Polyface Farm in Swoope, VA. A farm that largely inspired me to get interesting in farming and the food movement.

Check out the creators of the film and support them to help get the project finished.

Some great quotes from this trailer:

“Its immediately clear that this farm is different than other farms. The sheer quantity of life on this place.” – Michael Pollan

“Strategic disturbance is the key to environmental innovation” – Joel Salatin

“We do not practice ecology by andonement” – Joel Salatin

“Farming tends to be kind of viewed as a mans world, but in reality, its men and women working together to make it happen.” Kristen, Polyface Intern

“I’m convinced that there are a lot of people, who if they really thought they could, would do this” – Joel Salatin

“I think the farther away we get from get from the natural world, that we evolved to exist in, the worse off we’re going to be.” -Richard, Polyface Delivery Driver

“People are just waking up, because all over, people are finding out whats happening to our food system.” -Lucille Salatin

Based on the quotes from this clip, I’m so excited for the full length to come out. Its great to see a behind the scenes look at life on Polyface. The best part of this is the tears that come to Joel’s face talking about how his father didn’t sell the farm because Joel wanted to dedicate his life to the farm.

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