Gym and the Grocery: creating a seamless healthy lifestyle

You know that feeling you get when you’re leaving the gym after a fantastic workout? Its a sense of exhaustion, soreness, and peace. Its hard to exactly describe, but its definitely something I’ve noticed working out after skipping the gym entirely for a few months. I do my writing late at night, after working out and eating dinner. I’ve noticed how the food I eat effects how I write.

The main reason I love being in a routine is because it allows the opportunity to change little things and see how they make you better or worse. Its that consistency I am currently striving for. For me, this comes in my morning routine: wake up, cook breakfast, make coffee, shower, stretch, and read. At night: workout, cook dinner, eat dinner, write, relax, sleep.

Lately, I’ve been trying to make my routine as seamless as possible. I noticed how easy it is to break routine when I needed to go grocery shopping between my workout and dinner. Being hungry and tired in a grocery store is a BAD idea. They know this, so I take pleasure it not letting them tempt me. Walking in, I could smell the fresh baked bread and fried chicken. Delicious smells that made my brain want to buy them to eat in the car on the way home. (I was hungry and thirsty, so I just bought two bananas to eat in the car.)

I’m not good with distractions, if there is an easy way for me to get out of my routine, be it skip a workout or eat a crappy meal, its easy for me to find an excuse to justify it. Knowing my weak self control, I just work as hard as I can to control my environment so when there is a special occasion to break from routine, its no big deal. Back to making things seamless, how many other people leave the gym and just want to go home and cook? (or just go home an eat?!) What if a box of prepackaged, healthy (paleo) groceries were in a box with your name on it at the gym, waiting for you to take it come and cook a delicious, healthy meal.

This would be a huge help for me. Its easy to skip the gym, much harder to skip eating. So if your food is at the gym, there is very little excuse to skip going to the gym. Talk about a great routine.

Is this a good idea? Are there better ways to make a healthy lifestyle easier and more seamless?

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